Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Future of Healthcare Technology Summit

This two day summit in Boston's MIT Faculty Club showed a future world where complexity will be unravelled and presented to us as an aid to our jobs. Whether an emergency room medic, or a drug discovery scientist, information technology will be available to inform our decision making in real time, not removing our discretion but guiding us to the possibilities and most likely scenarios we face.
Robots that influence us to take care of ourselves, help us diet and motivate those in need of support to help themselves with their medications. Headsets that inform about the most likely condition of a trauma patient as the medic inputs vital signs and responds to questions - guiding the clinician to perform the most likely to be useful and informative tests rather than waste money on cautionary but uninformative ones. Programmes to integrate social, environmental and medical influences on our lives to predict disease propensity and to change behaviour to avoid disease onset and Microsoft's new methodology to compute huge volumes of input data, regardless of source that can be interogated to provide us with key connections between key points of reference (genetic sequence, proteins, medicines, side effects - you name it!).